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Smoothing Lotion, tummy tuck, natural, moisturizer, lavender cellulite, firming, frankincense, rose
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Cyoa Ultra Moisturizing Lotion

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7.5 ounce bottle of Cyoa Ultra Moisturizing Lotion

Our Ultra Moisturizing Lotion is loaded with wholesome goodness starting with powerful essential oils: Frankincense, Lavender, Rose and Grapefruit. All these oils are rich with anti-inflammatories and healing powers. Then we add Rose Geranium Hydrosol and Vitamin E oil to firm up your skin and Bees Wax to seal it all in. We make it rich and creamy with Emulsifying Wax and a tiny bit of Germaben II to keep out any little nasty’s that try to get in.

Use for smoothing and tightening bumpy lose skin.